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Ruxandra Zamfir / Mircea Tiberian / Sorin Romanescu

Being Green


01    Cry Me A River
02    DIack Coffee
03    Being Green       
04    The Meaning of The Blues
05    My Heart Belongs to Daddy
06    Now or Never
07    I Loves You, Porgy
08    Lately
09    My Foolish Heart
10    My Man
11    Someday My Prince Will Come / Jerifa

Ruxandra_Zamfir_Being_greenrecorded at Cantacuzino Palace Hall - June, november 2008
mixed and masterod by Sorin Romanescu
graphic design by Victor Bartis
introduction words by Ruxandra Zamfir
photo by Mircea Zamfir
dtp & pre-press by X Design Services

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